Nature Communication

Communicate with your pet or equine companion, your property or plants

Nature Communication is an activation our heart-telepathy abilities. The very act of trying with a pure and open heart can be enough to communicate with all other living beings. The animals, trees, plants, crystals and Mother Earth herself are all conscious of each other and able to communicate. Learn how to unpack their transmissions when they communicate with you and speak freely and clearly with all life.


Among the indigenous peoples of the world, nature communication was recognized and practiced by a designated person, such as the shaman, elder or medicine person. Today, nature communication is available to each of us. You can hire a nature communicator if you want to have a conversation with your animal companion and the nature communicator will be your translator. Or you can train and develop your own abilities. Madii calls this activity, 'heart-telepathy' and says, “If you have a heart; you can do it!”

How does a consultation work?

Consultations let you ask your questions to your animal companion and hear his or her replies in real time. You and your companion meet online, by phone, or in person with Madii who translates for your animal companion. Consultations are also available when you need to speak to your trees or gardens, land and water.  

Can I learn to be a nature or animal communicator?

Training is available if you would like to learn how to activate your own nature communication abilities. Madii teaches privately online and in person and, with this level of personalized attention most people develop a grounded practice in 4 lessons, scheduled at your own pace. Students are eligible to join the iHearGaia free online community of Nature Communicators. 


What is the iHearGaia community?

​iHear Gaia is an online group of animal communicators and nature communicators who meet every Wednesday evening for one hour to help an animal in need without payment or sometimes just say hello to a being for the fun of it. The iHear Gaia group is open to Madii's students and any communicator who has trained or is in training. It is an opportunity to be in service to our animal and plant friends. 

Consultations & Training


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