Be A Nature Communicator

Madii says, "Telepathically, the whole world is available to us from our living rooms."


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  • Awaken your invisible ability to communicate telepathically with animals, trees, plants and all of nature's creations. 

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  • Have fun every class while you practice remote two-way communication with animals or trees, plants, crystals, Mother Earth and more!

  • Begin to distinguish between your own thoughts and those of other species.

  • Discover the animals or plants who will come forward to support your awakening process. 

  • Receive Madii's tips for continued success with your personal practice. 

Madii! I'm so glad I found you! Your lessons helped me to open my mind and changed the way I view animals. You have special ways to teach and encourage your students. I felt very comfortable and enjoyed your lessons. Also my relationship with the animals improved dramatically. ~ Atsuko Ishikura, N.Y. 


$55 half hour sample lesson

$88 one hour private lesson

$333 series of four private lessons