The first question I had for Charlie was if he was in physical pain. He was telling Madii about some back pain that was toward the hip area. His SI joint had been an area of interest with his chiropractor but not identified. Rehab with a new veterinarian has now identified the cause as his SI joint!  Thank you Madii for all your help with ‘Prince Charles,’ as he likes to be called. 

~ Susan S, Burlington, Ontario

  Madii was an invaluable blessing before, during, and after the transition of my beloved feline friend. She offered me much comfort and insight in the communications she did, but even more importantly, she gave that comfort to him. I know that in his time of transition he felt that special love, care, and attention in a deep way that could never have happened were it not for her. I am grateful beyond measure and consider her and her gifts to be of the highest and purest love there is. ~ Laura T.  New York NY

I have been holding our Nature Communication session [for developing our centre] like a precious candle, not wanting to light it, so it will last forever. I realize I need to start unpacking all the knowledge you shared with me!

Kim C.

Muskoka, Ontario

I have worked with many animal communicators, three of whom are friends. Finding a missing pet is perhaps the most difficult and emotional thing they can do. Madii is the ONLY one who has ever actually found a missing pet, in my personal experience, and I am eternally grateful that my boy Armand is one of those success stories.

Patricia F.

Crestone, Colorado

"Your help with my chicken worked perfectly. When you said to talk her up and make her feel special and loved especially in front of the other birds I wan't sure but [since then] I have used this with other birds too when they get that way. Works great every time!"

Jackie D.