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Energetically release the blockages in your life!

What changes do you want in your life? Author, Gregg Braden, wrote that we live in a participatory universe where we have the power to create all the changes we choose. With Ho’oponopono you will run a "key word search" through your subconscious mind, press "delete" on unwanted programs and fill the space they once occupied with Divine Light. Witness rapid change as you eliminate unwanted, elusive programs and beliefs to become your authentic self. Madii trained with Hawaiian kahuna, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, originator of the modern Ho’oponopono.

Energetically release these blockages 

  • Relationship difficulties and issues

  • Trauma: the event and emotional, physical and mental effects

  • Legal cases, court cases, meetings and hearings

  • Pain, anxiety, depression and other health issues

  • Addictions, cravings and habits

  • Abortion, divorce, death of a loved one

  • Ancestral and other past events that continue to impose their effects

  • Clear pathway for upcoming trips, travel for work, vacations

  • Clear homes, properties and work spaces of negative energies

Ho'oponopono Consultations & Classes


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