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Energetically release the blockages in your life!

Yes! You can eliminate life's obstructions and become a creator of the reality  you inhabit. Madii will guide you (consultation) or teach you (class) to run a key word search and delete unwanted programs stored in your subconscious mind. Fill the space they once occupied with Divine Light. Madii trained with the originator of the modern Ho'oponopono, the late, beloved kahuna, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona.

Clear out the old. Create the new. 

  • Relationship: release damage from unresolved issues 

  • Trauma: release the event and its damage

  • Court cases, meetings and hearings

  • Pain, anxiety, depression and other health issues

  • Addictions, cravings and habits

  • Abortion, divorce, grief, death of a loved one 

  • Ancestral events and their impact on your life

  • Clear homes, properties and work spaces of negative energies

  • Clear pathway for the future: travel, vacations

  • What is Ho’oponopono?
    Ho’oponopono is a spiritual tool that works like an energetic clearing process to permanently remove unwanted programming, beliefs and conditioning that is expressing itself in our lives as unwanted pain and blockages to living our authentic selves.
  • What does Ho’oponopono mean
    Ho’o in Hawaiian means “to be” and pono means true, authentic, aligned, abundant and successful. Doubling pono gives it emphasis and so Ho’o-pono-pono is living your true divine, authentic self/purpose. It’s you without the baggage.
  • What is its core belief?
    The process is based on the principle of a triune mind: the superconscious (which connects to our soul and beyond), the conscious mind (our brain and intellect) and the subconscious, where beliefs from long ago show up as thoughts, people and events in our lives in repeated patterns. Clear unwanted, outgrown patterns and the beliefs that fuel them.
  • Is there anything that cannot be cleared with Ho’oponopono?
    The late Morrnah Simeona, originator of the modern Ho’oponopono, told Madii that anything we have contracted at a soul level to experience for our highest good cannot be cleared until that lesson has been learned.
  • How does it work?
    Ho’oponopono is a process that uses the spoken word to instruct and direct our subconscious mind to permanently delete beliefs and conditioning that are no longer for our highest good. To use Ho’oponopono, we do a key word search that permanently deletes unwanted programming stored in the subconscious mind and replaces the space it occupied with divine light.
  • Do I need to know what the old conditioning is that needs removal?
    We do not need to know what beliefs and conditioning we once accepted. Many of these beliefs were adopted unconsciously because of family and society’s conditioning. We have the power to change anything that is no longer needed for our highest good.

Ho'oponopono Consultations & Classes

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