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Energetically release the blockages in your life!

Yes! You can eliminate life's obstructions and become a creator of the reality  you inhabit. Madii will guide you (consultation) or teach you (class) to run a key word search and delete unwanted programs stored in your subconscious mind. Fill the space they once occupied with Divine Light. Madii trained with the originator of the modern Ho'oponopono, the late, beloved kahuna, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona.

Clear out the old. Create the new. 

  • Relationship: release damage from unresolved issues 

  • Trauma: release the event and its damage

  • Court cases, meetings and hearings

  • Pain, anxiety, depression and other health issues

  • Addictions, cravings and habits

  • Abortion, divorce, grief, death of a loved one 

  • Ancestral events and their impact on your life

  • Clear homes, properties and work spaces of negative energies

  • Clear pathway for the future: travel, vacations

Ho'oponopono Consultations & Classes

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

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