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Nature Communication activates our latent "heart-telepathy"abilities, connecting us into a conversation with beautiful beings of all the other species. From the African elephant to a single rose, Nature’s creations are already in communication and Madii has an invitation for you to join the party! Offering consultations, private classes, workshops and a free online club service. 


Ho’oponopono activates communication between our superconscious (bridge to the soul and the Divine) and our subconscious (deeply hidden) minds. Opening this communication pathway allows us to delete residual unwanted programs and free ourselves of depression, poor health, addictions, legal issues and the many other road blocks to living our aligned authentic selves. Offering consultations, private classes and workshops.

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Nature Communication

Talk to your pet companion, wild animal friend, tree or garden. You are in the conversation when Madii brings you answers from Nature. 



You have the right to become your authentic self. Eliminate unwanted, unconscious blocks and live life as the creator of your divinely realized intentions.



Welcome to Nature's party!

Madii Kasem, M.A., is a certified nature communicator who trained with Canadian trance medium, Tola Haynes, British angelologist, Angela McGerr, Hawaiian kahuna, Morrnah Simeona and American Animal and Nature Communicator, Maia Kincaid, Ph.D.


Madii is one of only a few people in world who trained with Morrnah, the originator of the modern Ho'oponopono, and who  continues to use and preserve these authentic teachings. 


Madii's mystical experiences began at age 5 when angels at the foot of her bed communicated telepathically and she knew, at that moment, that reality is greater than what is generally understood. She holds degrees in Comparative Religion and Judaic Studies and was initiated into Tibetan Buddhism’s mystical Shangpa Kagyu tradition.


A visit in 2013 from a red tail hawk who spoke telepathically, presented an irresistible invitation to explore Nature Communication. Madii calls this form of communication 'heart telepathy' and sees her work not as a job but as a way of walking in the world. 


Madii has worked as an elementary teacher, contributor to True Blue Spirit Magazine and host of The Language of Nature radio show. Madii offers Consultations and Classes in both Nature Communication and Ho'oponopono. 


I’m so glad I found you! Your lessons helped me to open my mind and changed the way I relate with the animals I groom and pet sit. You have special ways to teach and encourage your students. I felt very comfortable and enjoyed your lesson. Also, my relationship with the animals improved dramatically.  Thank you Madii!

Atsuko I.   N.Y.  New York

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